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Empowering children out of poverty


Upright Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, working for the protection, health and education of children



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Our Work

We fight to make sure every child in rural communities has everything they need to thrive. Fixing Congolese’s systemic inequities begins with our children, so we focus especially on poor children, and those with disabilities.

A Good Investment

Your gift is put to immediate use to help all children, especially our most vulnerable

Voice of children

My dad died before I turned the age of starting school. My mom didn’t have a job, but she always tries to do of starting school. My mom didn’t have a job, but she always tries to do a bit of farming. It wasn’t easy for me to study because my mom always takes me with her to the field (Shamba). With UKF my dream of going to school is getting realized. I wish that other children who don’t have this opportunity may be reached by UKF so we may all be able to help our communities in the future I want to be a doctor.

Nadège Beneficiary

I started school when I was 9, but my mom couldn’t afford my school materials I needed. So I went to my relatives very often to ask for help but they ended using me as a girl’s house working tirelessly everyday, sometimes I was unable to attend school. I decided to come back home to help my mom. Now, I receive school materials from UKF each year and I am feeling happier because I can stay with my mom working together after class. My dream is to become a nurse

Marhonyi Beneficiary

My parents are farmers in the village, money being a great challenge in my family it was difficult to continue my primary school, and I’ve come along much further at school than my classmates because I had always paid late. Through UKF program I have come back to school and learn to make baskets that help me focus on what I like. In the future I want to become an artist

Shabani Beneficiary

In my village girls are forced to work as maids, they work hours without rest and they are not allowed to ask for rest. That’s awful! Young girls are forced to get married too early and they are obliged to abandon school. Because they are girls they can’t express themselves being told their place is in the field and kitchen. By UKF child’s program I lead the child rights club at my school and talk about children’s rights. I teach my friends at school that democracy is listening to others, making decisions together. Every Sunday school I do the same with my friends so they can spread the message in their families. When I am doing this I feel like I am fighting for something that can change the routine my communities have made endless practice to lay suffering on children. My dream is to be a child’s rights hero.

Henriette Beneficiary